Blackjack Table

How Does a Casino Fundraiser Work?

Perhaps the most important thing to realize as we’re discussing casino night fundraisers is that you are NOT running an actual casino. At no point can one of your guests come up to you and say, “OK, my wife and I have to get back home now because we’ve got a babysitter, and we’ve won $5,000 in chips, so where do we get our $5,000 in real money?!”

These are NOT the types of events we or any party planning company gets involved with! What we actually do is to provide casino entertainment (tables, dealers, and cards/chips/accessories) at a fundraising event where you are charging your guests to attend. Guests do NOT play with real money at the tables, nor can they give our staff members any real money at the gaming tables or elsewhere. Any and all money raised is 100% yours (or your organization’s) to keep. How much you earn through the fundraiser has no impact on our contract with you.

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