Casino Party Rentals

Bring the feel of Vegas to your next event.

What’s a casino party, anyway?

Because guests aren’t playing with real money, you might ask yourself, “How does this whole thing work?” Here’s what happens, in a nutshell:
  • Setup crew arrives prior to guest start time (or earlier for larger events as needed)
  • Hosts distributes casino money to guests
  • Casino starts and guests exchange casino money for casino chips
  • Guests gamble with casino chips for 3.5 hours
  • Dealers count up everyone’s chips & convert them into raffle tickets
  • Our Pit Boss emcees all the giveaways – but we always suggest this to be done by the guest of honor.
  • Crew starts tearing down after 4 hours have elapsed and all prizes have been given away
  • Casino parties typically last 4 hours
  • Setup and tear-down time NOT counted against this 4 hours
  • All accessories needed for each game, such as chips, dice, cards, etc are all provided.
  • Guests do NOT play with real money
  • Guests of all ages can participate
  • We provide cards, chips, casino money, and raffle tickets
  • You provide the venue and any prizes
  • Our crew can handle all the raffle logistics and emcee any giveaways
  • Photo booth
  • DJ
  • Bar Stools or Chairs
  • Bar staff: Bartenders & Cocktail Waitresses

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