How should we give away prizes?

At this final point of the event, the simplest way to give away the prizes is to have a random drawing for as many prizes as you have. If you had 3 prizes to give away, for example, you could randomly draw 3 winning tickets. If you had 4 prizes, you would pull 4 winning tickets.

A twist on this that’s even more interactive is to do what’s sometimes called either a “Chinese Auction” or “Teacup Raffle” or “Tricky Tray.” This is where you simply put a basket or bucket in front of each prize, and then everyone decides where to “spend” their raffle tickets. The prize does NOT go to the person who puts in the most raffle tickets, as in a silent auction though. There would still be random drawings for each prize, but someone might say “Hmmm, I want all my tickets to go towards the drawing for prize X instead of any of my tickets going in the drawings for prize Y or prize Z.”

However you decide to run the raffles, our crew can easily handle all the details for you and emcee the whole thing!

» Raffle vs. Highest Winners

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